Welcome to the dawn of a new era at Parehua Resort! As we embark on the journey into the New Year, we are thrilled to share our renewed commitment to sustainability. Inspired by a profound sense of responsibility towards our environment and community, we are taking bold steps to align our values and culture with a sustainable future.



Parehua's commitment to sustainability is thoughtfully integrated into the experience offered at our cherished Cottages. We take pride in presenting a harmonious blend of luxury and eco-conscious practices, enhancing our guests' stay while preserving our beautiful surroundings:

  • Eco-Lighting Excellence: Our Cottages boast energy-efficient LED lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, contributing to a reduced ecological footprint.
  • Recycling Routines: Embracing daily recycling of cans, glass, and plastic, our dedicated bins are equipped with eco-friendly liners, aligning with responsible waste management practices.
  • Sus-STAY-nable Choices: Our soon to be launched sus-STAY-nable initiative will empower guests to opt for towel reuse and forgo daily room service, earning them a $10 credit per night—a rewarding experience that encourages water conservation and less use of chemicals.
  • Thoughtful Toiletries: We've replaced single-use amenities with refillable pump bottles from Ashley & Co, a premium New Zealand-based toiletries provider, minimizing our carbon impact.
  • Charge with Ease: Parehua stands as the exclusive hotel in the region to offer complimentary electric vehicle charging, exemplifying our commitment to sustainable travel.
  • Silent Mobility: Our housekeeping team navigates the property with electric golf cart and pull trolleys, ensuring efficiency while minimizing our ecological footprint.
  • Community Contribution: Old toiletries and lost-and-found items find new purpose through our charitable donations to Wairarapa local charities, fostering a sense of community responsibility.
  • Beyond Plastic: We are actively planning to introduce eco-friendly alternatives to replace plastic water bottles before the next summer season, emphasizing our dedication to a plastic-free environment.
  • Digital Elegance: Exploring the transition to digital QR code-generated compendiums, we aim to reduce paper wastage, providing guests with a seamless and sustainable way to access information.

"At Parehua, we believe that luxury and sustainability can coexist harmoniously, offering our guests a truly enriching and responsible retreat."

Parehua Resort takes pride in its current sustainability initiatives, particularly the commendable efforts of our Grounds Department. Our expansive property is adorned with a rich collection of native New Zealand trees and shrubs, including iconic species such as Kowhai, Karaka, Hoheria, Rata, Raupo, Manuka, Lancewood, Horopito, Titoki, Renga Renga, Harakeke, Griselinia, and many more.

This lush and diverse landscape serves as a haven for Aotearoa's unique native birds. The enchanting Ruru (Native Owl), majestic Kotuku (Blue & White) Heron, and the swift Karererea (NZ Falcon) are just a few of the avian treasures that call our property home. In addition to these captivating species, our carefully curated shrubs and bushes provide vital support for more common but equally delightful birds such as Fantails, Kereru, and Waxeye.

Recognizing the delicate balance of our ecosystem, we have implemented a dedicated pest control program. This initiative aims to eliminate threats posed by pests like Rats, Mustelids, and Possums, safeguarding the flourishing bird life within our unique natural haven. At Parehua Resort, we are not just nurturing a sustainable environment; we are fostering a thriving ecosystem where native flora and fauna coexist harmoniously

Since the re-establishment of our onsite restaurant York Bistro, the focus has been on indulging guests into a contemporary cuisine with fresh, local & sustainable ingredients for a unique experience. Since mid-last year involvement of a Regional executive Chef & expert Sommelier from Wellington assisting York Bistro and its operations has been a well-received decision to uplift York Bistro’s offerings and service standards.

More info: https://www.parehuaresort.co.nz/york-bistro.html

Parehua & the Community



At Parehua, we proudly embrace the spirit of Manaakitanga, a commitment beyond service & hospitality. Since the change of ownership, our dedication to this principle has been unwavering.

We view community support as more than a responsibility; it is a fundamental value shaping our resort's social and moral identity. Parehua actively participates in charitable events, fundraisers, and local initiatives, setting an example for the celebration of Aotearoa's unique identity.
Parehua actively participates in charitable events, fundraisers, and local initiatives, offers cuisine with a rich legacy, the local artwork adorn our spaces setting an example for the celebration of Aotearoa's unique identity.


Parehua's People

We place a special focus on our people, the driving force behind our brand's growth. Their dedication, passion, and hard work have played a pivotal role in bringing us to where we are today.
At Parehua, we believe that investing in our staff's well-being and recognizing their contributions not only enhances the work culture but also contributes to one of the main aspects of the Tiaki Promise.
Here are some ways we invest in our people:

  • Special Policies and Benefits
  • Staff Recognition
  • Inclusive Celebrations
  • Sustainability, Health & Safety Engagement

Parehua Resort is on a dedicated journey to incorporate the core values of the Tiaki Promise into our ethos over the next few years.

Through gradual and purposeful steps, we aim to contribute positively to our environment and community, aligning with the enduring principles of the Tiaki Promise.

We ask for everyone’s support in this quest to foster a culture of responsibility, sustainability, and care for the well-being of Aotearoa and our Whānau.